Jaime Fookin' Lannister Jousts A Dragon in 'Game of Thrones'

12 Août, 2017, 21:59 | Author: Lucrece Courtet
  • Jaime Fookin' Lannister Jousts A Dragon in 'Game of Thrones'

Anyway, so the actor, who plays Jamie Lannister, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, in an interview to The New York Times, talked about the much talked about scene. There's just no way, which made that cliffhanger a lot less gasp-worthy than normal.

Lowlight: If only because it didn't have the power of the rest of the episode, Littlefinger's scene.

A central character for three seasons, she was murdered alongside son Robb and his heavily pregnant wife Talisa during the show's most notorious episode, The Rains of Castamere, famously known amongst fans as "The Red Wedding" due to their brutal end.

That's when the real magic happened. But now, we're finally starting to see some cracks in the long con game of Lord Petry "Littlefinger" Baelish. We haven't seen him since his demise, but he might come back through one of Bran's visions. Was she upset that her sister had to learn these skills in order to survive? According to Aidan Gillen, Baelish recognized the disguised Arya in that scene and decided, strategically, not to say anything to blow her cover. "I designed it to wrap around over her side-laced dress to represent the absolute removal of any possible physical touch", she said.

Here are seven theories on how the familiar weapon can become important in the future.

Because of the odd glance exchanged between Sansa and her incessant, murderous suitor, some fans have theorized that she will ultimately kill him as penance for the way he has manipulated her and demolished her once happy family. She's essentially become a wolf in sheep's clothing (pun totally intended).

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Those memories include the names on Arya's revenge list, his knowledge of which he casually drops to her during their reunion. A little later Theon Greyjoy, Jon's fake brother, arrives to briefly recap their separate misfortunes while Jon politely refrains from killing him. Unfortunately she's still really into the whole "bend the knee" thing, and won't fight with Jon until he acquiesces.

SERIOUSLY?! The survival of the human race is hanging in the balance and we're still hung up on this stupid chair? Ugh. Frustrated with Tyrion's guidance, she demonstrates her newfound trust for Jon by asking him for battle advice. The sooner these two learn to work as a team, the sooner they can get down to spraying a ton of fire on the army of the dead.

In "The Spoils of War", Daenerys finally made a decision to take Lady Tyrell's advice and be a dragon-she rode her biggest, scariest dragon, Drogan, to confront the Lannister army on its way back from Highgarden. But he also knows that there is no way that they can beat this woman.

Spoilers are below for the fourth episode of Season 7. And we don't just mean Jaime.

In a post on the Making Game of Thrones site, costume designer Michele Clapton revealed the meaning behind the Stark kids' wardrobe in Season 7.



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