Drug Crisis Creating Downpour of Used Needles

18 Juillet, 2017, 07:19 | Author: Cyril Hebras
  • Drug Crisis Creating Downpour of Used Needles

As the heroin crisis continues to expose itself throughout the country, so do the syringes used by addicts to get their high, reported STAT.

Morrison leads a cleanup effort along the Merrimack River, which winds through Lowell, Mass.

"We started seeing it previous year here and there", Rocky Morrison, who leads a cleanup crew in MA, told the Associated Press. "But now, it's just raining needles everywhere we go". In San Francisco, more than 13,000 needles were collected in March alone, nearly five times the amount found in March of previous year, when 2,900 syringes were collected.

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"I just want more awareness that this is happening", Nancy Holmes, the mother of an 11-year old girl who stepped on a syringe while swimming in California, told the AP. "You would hear stories about finding needles at the beach or being poked at the beach". But you think that it wouldn't happen to you. One six-year-old girl in California had put a used needle in her mouth after she thought it was a thermometer; she tested negative for hepatitis B and C. The girl was unharmed.

Some experts say the only solution is to help more users get treatment and to direct more funding to treatment programs, while others are fighting for needle exchange programs or the creation of safe spaces to shoot up.



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