North Korea unveils new missiles during military parade

17 Avril, 2017, 21:09 | Author: Claudine Rigal

Meanwhile, aides to Vice President Mike Pence, who was en route to South Korea and due to arrive in Seoul early Sunday, said he also had been briefed about the missile launch and was in contact with the president.

Pence, addressing an Easter service with American troops in South Korea, said the US commitment to South Korea was unwavering. "Look, we've tried for 25 years across Republican and Democratic administrations to persuade the North Koreans to give up their quest for nuclear weapons".

North Korea's leadership has warned the United States it is "ready to hit back with nuclear attacks" if provoked.

Media in Japan said the government confirmed it would take all precautions in the face of possible North Korean provocations.

A North Korean foreign minister vowed the isolationist country "will go to war" if the USA provokes it, as the world watched to see if dictator Kim Jong Un will launch another provocative nuclear test today to commemorate his grandfather's birthday.

Pence is due in Seoul at the start of a 10-day trip to Asia in what his aides said was a sign of the USA commitment to its ally in the face of rising tension over North Korea.

The official said that had it been a nuclear test, "other actions would have been taken by the U.S".

Speculation is brewing that the North is preparing a sixth nuclear test, with satellite images showing its main nuclear site "primed and ready", according to specialist U.S. website 38North.

"The launch of the ballistic missile occurred near Sinpo".

The attempted missile launch comes a day after the North held a military parade in its capital marking the birth anniversary of the state founder where what appeared to be new ballistic missiles were displayed.

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In a statement, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says Trump and his military team "are aware of North Korea's most recent unsuccessful missile launch. The president has no further comment".

But U.S. officials told The Associated Press on Friday that the Trump administration had settled on a policy that will emphasize increasing pressure on Pyongyang with the help of China, North Korea's only major ally, instead of military options or trying to overthrow Kim's regime.

The Associated Press has quoted United States officials as saying the Trump administration will focus on working with China to raise pressure on North Korea rather than stepping in with military force.

Kang Gil-won, a 26-year-old graduate living in Seoul, said his biggest concern was not North Korea, but finding work in a tough job market. Outside analysts consider Choe to be North Korea's number two official.

The Global Times said Trump's decision to drop the "mother of all bombs" on Afghanistan was clearly "a new gimmick in US military deterrence" created to intimidate Kim Jong-un.

The Yonhap news agency in South Korea first reported the failed launch, citing the South Korean military.

North Korea rolled out intercontinental ballistic missiles and other military hardware at a massive parade on April 15 and vowed that it was "ready to hit back with nuclear attacks" against its enemies.

Mr Trump has dispatched the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and an accompanying battle group to the Korean peninsula.

The White House has said Trump has put the North "on notice". The anniversary is the country's most important holiday.


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